lost items from rejected trade...

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lost items from rejected trade...

Postby lIllIIIl-Sander_Cohen-llIIllll on Jul 10 2018, 5:47am

I had put items in to trade worth 100mcs and he rejected cause he wanted more stuff that he could buy, then I looked back, restarted my game etc. he didn’t get the items and I got scammed by the system, I have a ss of the trade if needed (on iPad and don’t know how to post pics)
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Re: lost items from rejected trade...

Postby IDD_________TaTaNg_________IDD on Jul 10 2018, 6:08am

ATA scammer 
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Re: lost items from rejected trade...

Postby XxX___Mad_Hatter___XxX on Jul 10 2018, 6:29am

Post in Feedback.
Or email Support@AThinkingApe.com

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Re: lost items from rejected trade...

Postby Choccy on Jul 10 2018, 7:17am

Hi! Please use the in game feedback ticket system to contact support (they no longer use their email). Next time you've an issue like this, please contact support directly. That'll also result in the problem being solved faster. :)

Locking this thread now.
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