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Re: My Answer

Postby Nate on Jul 2 2018, 6:02am

Proper punctuation and spacing would make this so much easier to read.
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Re: My Answer

Postby X2X-EllLllLllAllBllUllRllG-X2X on Jul 2 2018, 12:56pm

Ahhh .... fresh tears , nothing better
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Re: My Answer

Postby SV-_HattoriHanzo_-AC on Jul 2 2018, 10:24pm

thanks for sharing your views all, some very interesting and different points made...thanks for taking the time out of your day to show others your differences in perception... my life wouldn't be as great as it is without you all in it :)
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Re: My Answer

Postby SV-_HattoriHanzo_-AC on Jul 2 2018, 10:26pm

THE-GUY wrote:Wow someone actually read my thread. That's cool:)

& it's no probs Guy, happy i had the chance to :)
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Re: My Answer

Postby SV-_HattoriHanzo_-AC on Jul 2 2018, 10:55pm

Majin_Venom wrote:Jerry!! Jerry !!! Jerry!!!

Oh not That show Here...

Living positive under the worst storm Is the path to happiness, you have the keys And the road God sends your way... Keep smilling And Pray for Those inneed.. Cheees

well said indeed... i always thought that direction of perception was whooey tbh lol, i'd never felt inclined to believe or not believe in anything and spent much of much life in study towards the greater meanings of existence and non-existence both with the real, imagined, null value and null identical value sets included. But recently i have found out, through various studies including philosophy, linguistics, music, higher mathematics, physics, geography, theology, history, politics, sociology, psychology, physiology, biology and chemistry and arts among many others, recently, after extensive research work, i've been given a reason to believe for the first time in my close to 30 years within this body. i've done alot of theoretical work and experimentation influenced with a priority in perceptual changes, i've been paid and volunteered to do low skill and higher specific skill jobs in many differemt field too... amd i know it may sound wierd but i think i've found an answer that ties them all together and subjects like love, God and emotional which once had very low wieghts to me suddenly became essential components. In my current view God can only stand for the Good of Differentiation from my work but I expect nobody to have faith or be inclined towards the same linear perceptual sets...indeed what i found the most significant factors prohibiting me were my previous enforcements of perceptual sets maintainimg set orders of linear time...once i opened up my eyes mathematically too higher dimensional sets everything else started falling into place but too explain it within linear limits is quite hard using only one non-universal language so I won't invite any to believe me ofcourse...i can say I wish the best for everyone though now whole-spiritedly, whole-bodied and whole-mindedly within the past, present and the future and from those moments within those moments. Peace & Love All :)
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Re: My Answer

Postby BoBRossz_TCW_HappyBush on Jul 3 2018, 11:11am

Holy run on sentences, Batman!
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Re: My Answer

Postby WonderWeasle on Jul 3 2018, 11:59am

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Re: My Answer

Postby _-GUNNER-_ on Jul 3 2018, 3:33pm

There's an underlying culture of forumers who want to forum, then everyone else. Good luck mr kill bill and the guy
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Re: My Answer

Postby XxX___Mad_Hatter___XxX on Jul 10 2018, 3:42am

What if... I dont want to be helped?

Could be I'm quite content being bonkers?
Did you ever think of that before going around willy nilly pushing your normality on ppl? Hmmm!?

And whats all this about not judging?
Well not to judge, but who are you to judge the judgers with your non judgeyness shenanigans!

Judge away I say!

As for understanding ppl. Well, some ppl can't be understood. Like Kanye West.
No matter how much or how hard anyone tries to understand him, no one can... Not even Mr T :(

Alas, my custard is ready, so I shall bid you adieu and forget this ever took place, because THATS the way I roll!! :D
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