Goodbye Friends

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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby -KING-FART-MASTER- on Dec 24 2017, 3:59pm

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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby SELFMADE on Dec 24 2017, 9:44pm

TL:DR bye thoe
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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby ToddSti1lluvsBacon on Dec 25 2017, 12:44am

PoleDancingOlympics2020 wrote:
ToddSti1lluvsBacon wrote:
ImmortalFaZe wrote:
Lately I’ve been struggling a lot with family and substance abuse problems,

what are you hooked on? meth? ...what music you listen to?

Probably not something to joke about.

Probably not a good place to discuss such things to begin with huh?

Probably not good to use an mmo as some kind of replacement for an RL one doesn't have huh?

Probably should know the above two statements by now huh?
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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby x1-_JlnchrIkl-DVF-Shinobi_EUR0 on Dec 25 2017, 5:47am

Only knew you from a far you seem pretty cool hope things work out an you come back lol more peeps leave the less different people we have
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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby XoXoX on Dec 25 2017, 5:53am

WarlockMasterRace wrote:Wow, holyschu thinks he is awesome and that kaw relevance actually matters, just proves how sad you are, also unblock me

tbf KaW relevance can’t mean much to you bcos you don’t have any :lol:
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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby -GingeR_NutZ- on Dec 25 2017, 6:14am

So sorry to see you go. I too have have ongoing substance/alcohol abuse issues my current 7 day silence is testament.

Take a break, but please do come back. KaW will never be the same without you.
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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby -GingeR_NutZ- on Dec 25 2017, 6:15am

And dont take the negative posts personally, they're just RL inexpierienced.
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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby Tzshifter on Dec 25 2017, 6:54am

ImmortalFaZe wrote:Whatever guys I remember when it used to be respectful to post this whatever

See ya tomorrow, again
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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby lIIlIllI___PARSFAN___lIlIlIIl on Dec 27 2017, 4:07am

Drop build or this thread has zero credit.....seems like attention seeking to me.....op probably back already
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Re: Goodbye Friends

Postby Titan_God on Dec 27 2017, 7:48am

I know immortal and he is not seeking attention in any means. To assume things usually makes one an ass 90% of the time. How about when things come up like this... with his reason for leaving which takes a lot for a person to put out there in public view, instead of trolling actually wish him the best for him on his road to recovery and a great New Year with his path to success already set which will go into the next year.

Nothing but success, prosperity and the best for you immortal. Hope when the clouds clear I see you back again.

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