building tokens

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building tokens

Postby o_o____Vo_o-d-o_o on Dec 22 2017, 4:26pm

Wish we could sell building token that we can’t use
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Re: building tokens

Postby TheRealDMC-Echo2Charlie on Dec 22 2017, 4:37pm

o_o____Vo_o-d-o_o wrote:Wish we could sell building token that we can’t use

After you unload sell a building and rebuild it and enjoy the gold, you could use the gold however you please.
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Re: building tokens

Postby ErRaTiC__IIIIIIllllllIIIIII-_- on Dec 22 2017, 6:31pm

Easy to do a pretty simple concept and pays well especially on abyss.
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Re: building tokens

Postby SELFMADE on Dec 23 2017, 2:59am

Real estate son. Buy and sell. Sell buildings and use the tokens to put you where you was at.
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