Kingdoms at War Policy Updates - March 16,2017

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Kingdoms at War Policy Updates - March 16,2017

Postby [ATA]Grant on Mar 16 2017, 2:21pm

Our In-Game Policies have been updated as of March 16th, 2017.

By continuing to play Kingdoms at War you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and accept the following policies.

Personal Information:

  • Players may share their own First Name, Gender, Age, State / Region / Country through public in-game channels and forums.
  • Players may share their own Personal Photos on the forums.
  • Players may not share their own City / Address / Workplace, School, Phone Number, or Third Party Contact Information through public in-game channels as well as the forums.
  • Players may not share or expose the personal information of others
  • There is no restriction on information disclosed through private channels including PM and Clan Chat.
  • Players should always observe best internet practices and be cautious when sharing any personal information online and do so at their own discretion.


  • Kingdoms at War incorporates PvP mechanics such as attacking others and farming as a core component of gameplay. As such, these are permitted actions.
  • In extreme cases however, repeated negative interactions with someone that go beyond the scope of fair gameplay may be seen as harassment and are assessed on a case by case basis by ATA Support and Product Team.
  • Players should act in a respectful manner. Racist, discriminatory, or otherwise harassing remarks in public channels are not permitted.
  • Private channels are unmoderated and opt-in by players. Harassing messages received through these means should be handled by blocking the player through the available block feature.
  • Players should contact local law enforcement should they feel their personal safety is at risk.
  • A Thinking Ape and by proxy our moderating team, reserves the right to silence or ban players for any reason at any time if we feel they are detrimental to the overall quality of the experience and health of our community.

In-Game Transactions

  • Transactions of any type involving any non-game currency (including, but not limited to real-world currency, gift cards, credit transactions, and cryptocurrencies) are not permitted and is subject to action at our discretion.

Age Restrictions

  • Kingdoms at War is not intended, nor directed towards those under the age of 9.

Message Content

  • Kingdoms at War provides both public and private messaging options for players
  • Content posted in private channels is not moderated in any form.
  • Content posted in public channels:
    • Must not contain explicit language or bypass the chat filter
    • Must not contain discriminatory or harassing content
    • Must not contain explicit, obscene, or illegal content
    • Must not contain advertisements for third-party products
    • Must not impersonate an official announcement or member of the development team
    • Must not intentionally create a disturbance, flame, or troll

Automated Gameplay

  • Playing Kingdoms at War through the use of any automated means, be it digital, physical, or other is not permitted and accounts found to be doing so are subject to having action taken against them at A Thinking Ape’s discretion which can include removal of game access for that account.

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