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Re: Kawing in public

Postby __Gary__ on Nov 20 2018, 5:13am

I only kaw when I poop :-)
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Re: Kawing in public

Postby illIIlIHOLYIlIIlDOMOIlIlIIi on Nov 20 2018, 6:37am

I only read forums when I poop.....makes things smoother.
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Re: Kawing in public

Postby EE-Bob_Sacamano-CHAMP on Nov 22 2018, 10:47am

Like spotting a unicorn .. Or (please insert funny example)
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Re: Kawing in public

Postby OG_DirtyLarry on Nov 22 2018, 2:18pm

No support
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Re: Kawing in public

Postby IITaP-Ultra_DMC-OuTII on Nov 29 2018, 10:51am

I have had others ask me about Kaw who were players but it wasnt because they were seeing my screen but because there is plenty of kaw specific lingo or jargon and they overheard me talking about it. I also had an employer who would play Kaw who refused to tell me his account name. He knew what clan i was in so i can only imagine i was in OSW with him at the time lol
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Re: Kawing in public

Postby AshtonRocks on Nov 30 2018, 2:44am

Owl wrote:I was thinking, and I’ve actually never seen any stranger out in public playing kaw..

People may have their flaws but most of us a reputation to uphold IRL. So of course I'm not going to play this game in public.
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Re: Kawing in public

Postby __GOLDEN__ on Dec 6 2018, 10:11am

DONT MEET NOONE FRON KaW!!!!!!!! Not worth the headache
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Re: Kawing in public

Postby Ronaldswiftbottom on Dec 6 2018, 10:54am

Only people from school at the time. I even got 4-5 to start playing when they asked what it was
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