The Shackled Moon

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The Shackled Moon

Postby [ATA]Caster on Oct 10 2018, 11:00am

The Shackled Moon

The Shackled Moon

"Someone, or something, has banished the day. For the past twenty hours, the full moon has hung unmoving overhead, heedless of the passage of time.

Your people are terrified, wondering what they could have done to anger the gods to such an extent...

In the distance...a wolf howls..."

For this event series we're bringing back the limited "Legend of Lycoan" EB! The Lycoan EB series will be available for the duration of the next 3 events.

Players will also be able to acquire Tarot cards by completing certain Legends and Lycoan EBs (the higher the difficulty level the higher the drop chance). Those cards will be usable during the third part of this saga that will start on November 7th.

The Lycoan EB is opened with Aevum Circle Pieces. That EB also has the chance to drop a "Tri-Gem" box, which costs 3 keys to open, and drops a variety of premium items and has a rare chance of dropping some powerful charms.

This event will be available from Wednesday, October 10th until Wednesday, October 24th at Noon PT.

Exclusive Furnishings

Furnishings exclusive to The Shackled Moon will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Lycoanite Box and Royal Lycoanite Box.

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Re: The Shackled Moon

Postby jimlee on Oct 10 2018, 11:03am

It’s back!!!
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Re: The Shackled Moon

Postby XiaoLong on Oct 10 2018, 11:04am

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Re: The Shackled Moon

Postby chickenjones44_reincarnation on Oct 10 2018, 11:13am

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Re: The Shackled Moon

Postby Rouvicath on Oct 10 2018, 11:14am

Old tarot cards work here?
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Re: The Shackled Moon

Postby Alex on Oct 10 2018, 11:19am

How much the eb costs
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Re: The Shackled Moon

Postby AIexandria on Oct 10 2018, 11:31am

Game sucks
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Re: The Shackled Moon

Postby Kayaba on Oct 10 2018, 11:40am

How often do we get legends quests to acquire these cards?
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Re: The Shackled Moon

Postby -SS-Maikkie-SS- on Oct 10 2018, 11:46am

Rouvicath wrote:Old tarot cards work here?

Not yet! This EB requires Aevum Circles! To be more precisely 20 for the 1st one.

The old tarot cards will work tho! But will be another EB and not this one.
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Re: The Shackled Moon

Postby THE-GUY on Oct 10 2018, 11:48am

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