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Re: Weekend Promo!

Postby Infamous on Sep 8 2018, 6:12am

I’ve been overly more active in forums than ever and I’m only just seeing this post now...
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Re: Weekend Promo!

Postby -EightySix- on Sep 8 2018, 11:18am

Should be all eb included
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Re: Weekend Promo!

Postby Preston_Garvey on Sep 8 2018, 11:36am

-EightySix- wrote:Should be all eb included

Nah, this way it encourages players to use the premium ebs, its a good business decision
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Re: Weekend Promo!

Postby HiT__XxFrontxX__HiT on Sep 8 2018, 5:04pm

So any logical reason we cannot change build or upgrade during EB?

Apparently we can upgrade....but still wondering why we cannot drop buildings
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Re: Weekend Promo!

Postby QLDer_ProudAussie_QLDer on Sep 9 2018, 1:54am

To prevent the statless accounts from getting max drops every EB. Essentially farming charms.
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