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Re: The Alliance Against Vigona

Postby Flirt on May 14 2018, 9:43pm

iG_Bachkeda_iG wrote:How can KaW not have adverts when PiMD even has adverts that attracts new players, I love to see KaW revived...just won’t happen with the developers current mind sets. Corrupted pieces of trash.

Quite simple really, PiMD's target demographic is lonely late teens or young adults. Their game avatar is a scantily clad woman. Why? That sells. A lot. It's brings in crazy money.

Here are some stats for April from Sensor Tower:

PiMD: 300K USD Grossing | 100K Downloads
- Facebook banner / YouTube banner adverts + 3 more advert platforms

Heckfire: 50K USD Grossing | 70k Downloads
- Facebook banner / YouTube adverts + 3 more advert platforms

KaW: 70K USD Grossing | <5K DLs
- Zero advertising.

Surprisingly KaW made more than Heckfire last month. Heckfire's high DL rate is due to the advertising on 5 major platforms and how it's still riding the new app wave in the stores.

All the information provided here are for information purposes and subject to change without prior notice, they are not from ATA but a 3rd party mobile ecosystem analytics platform.
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Re: The Alliance Against Vigona

Postby SupErN00B on May 14 2018, 9:55pm

LordSavan wrote:We are all awarw kaw is on autopilot at least point, but could you at least vary the rewards? New banners? How about plunder %items? New, updated, mith equipment? Anything besides more of the exact same things.

Support on banners there capped at lvl3, yet banner stuff continue to drop! like a slap to face
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