Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

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Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby [ATA]Grant on Oct 27 2015, 1:50pm

Our game design team has been hard at work implementing a new war solution that addresses issues with Primal, Round, and Individual wars; increases accessibility; and provides a fun and fair experience for all.

We are hoping to begin an Open Beta test for this new system known as Lowland Wars over the next few weeks. We're still working on getting some final pieces in place so our timeline may change, but we wanted to provide you with an update on our progress with wars and let you know what's coming.

About the Open Beta

We're extending this Open Beta Test to ALL PLAYERS, and have created a separate Open Beta Testing section in the forums.

During the Open Beta period we'll be looking at you to provide us with constructive feedback and thoughts on our changes. While we'll review each and every piece of feedback, we want to remind you that suggestions may not always work with our design, or with existing game mechanics. We'll do our best to accommodate your feedback, but in the end the final call on design is up to our game design team.

In order to ensure a constructive environment off-topic or posts made in a non-constructive matter may be removed and repeat offenders may have access to the Open Beta Test forum revoked at our discretion.

About Lowland Wars

The goal of the new Lowland War system is to create an open, fair, and fun war experience for our players. Existing war types have seen participation decline over the past year and this is one step we are taking to address known issues and hopefully help revitalize wars.

We look forward to working with you during our Open Beta Test and will provide more information and a schedule as soon as we're able to.
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Re: Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby kaw_admin on Oct 27 2015, 1:51pm

A Message from KaW Admin

The development process for Lowland Wars is intended to be iterative, and what you experience in the initial beta will likely be very different than what these wars shape up to be in a year's time. We will continue to monitor your feedback and make changes to achieve our goals of fairness, fun, and accessibility. Note that these iterations may not always swing in your favor. We will do our best to eliminate any strategies or exploits that impact Lowland Wars negatively to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience, and will rely on your feedback as well as our judgement to determine what is and what is not considered fair play.

How do Lowland Wars work?

Lowland Wars are a new type of clan war that ONLY incorporates Lowland buildings into win % and plunder calculations. Opting in to a Lowland War works exactly like a traditional Round War, except that players must meet a minimum strength requirement in order to cast Wave of Conflict.

Why Lowlands?

Lowlands were chosen specifically to address three of the largest issues with the current Round War system.

1) Accessibility - By only including Lowland Buildings in battle calculations, we are making it a lot easier for smaller and new players to participate. A war-ready build can be created in weeks, or even days.

2) Dynamic Play - It is a lot cheaper to build on the Lowlands than it is in The Abyss. Lowland Wars allow us to make drastic changes to keep things interesting and fair, while allowing you to change your build on the fly to optimize for the win.

3) Turnout - If we achieve our goal of maintaining a fair system, it enables us to give better rewards for Warring. Coupling this with a low barrier to entry means that we will (hopefully) see a lot more of the kawmunity engage in Wars, which means more fun for everyone.


Restricting battle calculations to Lowland buildings and requiring that everyone meet a minimum strength threshold before opting in will result in a pool of players with a much smaller size distribution. Initially, we will be matching up clans randomly. This means that your clan needs to be ready to face anyone. We will be monitoring matchups and making changes as needed on an ad hoc basis.

Allies and Equipment

At the start of this open beta, Allies and Equipment will NOT be taken into account in win % and plunder calculations. However, we are well aware of how hard you have worked to build up these assets and can assure you that we will be incorporating them in the future. When we do include Allies and Equipment, it will make sense in the context of Lowland Wars and will not compromise the system's fairness, fun, or accessibility.

Pots and Mith

Initially, Potions and Mith spells will not impact Lowland War battle calculations. If they are included in the future, they will be balanced for Lowland Wars (that means no Mystical Hammertimes)

What does this mean for the future of Wars?

We've already begun thinking about what Lowland Wars could become if enough players rally behind them and have a bunch of ideas for new War mechanics, features, and interface improvements. But first, we need your support to build a solid foundation.
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Re: Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby OkieDokie on Oct 27 2015, 1:52pm

Interesting... :D
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Re: Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby Moody on Oct 27 2015, 1:52pm

Liking what I see so far!
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Re: Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby Acetown on Oct 27 2015, 1:53pm

Will definitely be partaking.
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Re: Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby ViX on Oct 27 2015, 1:54pm

Sounds like a great idea. Support from the troll.

Please make it so tower builds on lowlands only aren't a possibly.
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Re: Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby EIlVIlILIlNIlDlIlSIlGIlUlISlIE on Oct 27 2015, 1:54pm

So where do I sign up?
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Re: Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby Bliss on Oct 27 2015, 1:54pm

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Re: Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby -grizzy- on Oct 27 2015, 1:55pm

Better late than never.
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Re: Lowland Wars - Open Beta Test

Postby Kezzer on Oct 27 2015, 1:55pm

This is a great move. Support
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