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Postby IlIlIlNIAlHIMlAIHlKlAlHlNlIllI on May 31 2019, 7:59am

NiveousQueen wrote:As you said, our developers don't communicate. They don't reciprocate our financial support with the player support that would make our beloved game worthwhile. KaW is dying.

I do not support any movements that might lure members of an unsuspecting public into taking part in this disaster, no matter how much misery loves company. Nearly every example given of ways to keep new players around in response to your plea requires active developers focused on improvement which is a resource we don't seem to have anymore. Bringing in a crowd of inevitably disappointed people wouldn't serve a purpose outside of increasing an already overwhelming slew of overpriced, inactive allies. The game has lost its value.

The die-hard players that remain stay for three reasons only...
1. Loyalty to friends they've made in the game.
2. Stubborn, misguided optimism that their purchases haven't been in vane because the Fairy KaW Mother may one day reignite the long dormant ambition that used to drive our developers.
3. Recognition that the game is dying & long established leading players and clans are leaving... This may give hope to some that if they just hang in there longer than the others, they might finally reach a rank worthy of their years of grueling effort. Too bad there'll be no one left to pat them on the back.

Bottom line is, no one really enjoys this game anymore. We are here because it's become a habit or a chore we dutifully perform. If you disagree with these statements, I envy your denial. Unless our developers really make some magic happen, then any drive portraying this game in such a positive light that it would actually convince a significant number of people to join would embody the term 'false advertising'.

Nailed it.
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