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Clan Events!

Postby lllllllIIIllllkaramIIIIIIIllll on Feb 25 2019, 1:34pm


Have you thought about clan events? Everything in KAW today is structured around individual. Which defeats the purpose of being in a clan (as much as we all do). So everyone keeps hopping from one clan to the other.

How about you create event which rewards both for personal and clan achievements. EB’s and Wars It has to be structured in a fashion that people cannot hop once they activate the event to get clan awards.

- Karam
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Re: Clan Events!

Postby Fluxie on Feb 25 2019, 1:43pm

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Re: Clan Events!

Postby UK--CHooCH-NUT-- on Feb 25 2019, 3:50pm

It would be interesting
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Re: Clan Events!

Postby Stacy_P on Feb 25 2019, 8:23pm

Agree Karam, When I saw team legend this event, I was hoping it was a clan challenge, so was a bit disappointed it wasnt. Although I do have to say devs been making great effort to keep the game evolving and fixing some of the issues. I still hope we can get some type of clan events and rewards along with some much needed and asked for clan enhancements that will help keep clans functioning well and keeping clans relevant!
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Re: Clan Events!

Postby KAOS on Feb 26 2019, 2:53am

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Re: Clan Events!

Postby TreyWayy on Feb 26 2019, 4:58am

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Re: Clan Events!

Postby Gav on Feb 27 2019, 6:31am

Full support
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Re: Clan Events!

Postby Backoff on Feb 27 2019, 6:39am

I do support this, but I’m curious on how it could work for everyone. Some clans are bigger than others, obviously ;) How could they make an event that any clan could still thrive in. I’m just curious and not hating in anyway. Any thoughts would be nice!
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Re: Clan Events!

Postby -_-P-H-O-E-N-I-X-_- on Feb 27 2019, 7:47am

Support. I may become highly active again if this happens. Bored with the current status quo
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Re: Clan Events!

Postby 666_____ROB_____666 on Feb 27 2019, 8:21am

Support: would be cool to have separate legend like glaive vs broadsword but instead there are several tiers of rewards and all clans participate to see who collects the most
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