Charm question.

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Charm question.

Postby llllIIcRaZyLeGSlIIlll on Feb 11 2019, 1:01pm

Why do the moth charms have so much stats? Will we ever get things like that again or was it a mistake om the devs part?
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Re: Charm question.

Postby Elon_Musk on Feb 11 2019, 1:08pm

The devs selected some charms from very old events that not many had to be “rare” and more valuable
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Re: Charm question.

Postby Lonesong on Feb 11 2019, 1:26pm

yes you are very charming
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Re: Charm question.

Postby Green-Echo4Legend on Feb 11 2019, 1:31pm

Liam wrote:The devs selected some charms from very old events that not many had to be “rare” and more valuable

The most confusing part of this to me was that dev didn’t make the fiend bow more powerful.

That was the first “event” equipment. Before the icetail.
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Re: Charm question.

Postby IIWARII__DEMON__IILORII on Feb 11 2019, 2:23pm

Selling maxed icetail charms 12b each
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Re: Charm question.

Postby Thrawn on Feb 11 2019, 2:55pm

I mean, probably. Eq has been getting consistently stronger for a while now, and most transmutations tend to be a static % of original stats. Eventually that static % will probably reach upper level moth eq stats, unless stat inflation gets brutally curbed in the meantime. Some 'regular' charms already outdo the lower stat moth stuff.
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Re: Charm question.

Postby G04T on Feb 11 2019, 6:49pm

Are there any other older charms that hold their stats better?
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Re: Charm question.

Postby ReturnOfMadMax on Feb 12 2019, 3:31am

Yes summer war2012 victory equipment
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