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Re: Best Weekend NK Clan

Postby IIIlllIIll-JSTRONG-IIIlllIIll on Jan 27 2019, 3:16pm

Gold haven runs them quick and nice admins for the most part. I always go there with my main alts doesn’t matter. I like them and they go pretty fast. The ark is wayyyy too slow and I’ve never been to ZTA hte wtf
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Re: Best Weekend NK Clan

Postby Boredoflondon on Jan 30 2019, 6:49am

One clan of 10 with 1 seal each will get the same plunder per account as having 100 accounts 1 seal each and running it 10 times. Assuming everything else even.
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Re: Best Weekend NK Clan

Postby Venom on Jan 30 2019, 9:38am

My wife is part of the Gold Haven admin team and she says they are the best.
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