New years

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New years

Postby slippy2012 on Dec 31 2018, 4:32pm

So 2019 is nearly here or already celebrating it depending on where in world you are so what what the kaw community doing for the new year leave your comments below
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Re: New years

Postby _brew_ on Dec 31 2018, 5:40pm

I’ll be trying to get nobs from offerscam when the ball drops
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Re: New years

Postby Thrawn on Dec 31 2018, 5:44pm

I'll prolly be at the grocery store lol. I know I won't want to get groceries tomorrow morning for sure. Lazy day of cooking planned.
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Re: New years

Postby Original_Belladonna on Dec 31 2018, 6:58pm

Drinking champagne and watching the ball drop. :)
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Re: New years

Postby StealthGoat on Dec 31 2018, 10:48pm

Drinking grape juice and wishing I was sleeping 
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