No charms from 110ish tri-boxes

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Re: No charms from 110ish tri-boxes

Postby _____________MuSaNg______IDD__ on Nov 22 2018, 10:04am

Karma I don’t need to spend in the game. It’s a free app. ATA should be paying me helping them make money by creating war in the game and make my enemies spend other than hit big EB 24/7 in peace. I’m still waiting for devs to pay me. I’m vital to this game to be more interested. Being a free loader is nothing wrong as long I’m not getting involve on cheating like my enemies who are gone. I don’t advocate cheating in the game. New players should have level playing field to grow and learn about the wars. Anyone spend like OP is great to the game. Chances of drops are always random. I know players get drop on first box and others like her need to open few boxes. She/he should know that like enchanting old equipments it’s hard and random. Sometimes you need to give few days to start opening again to change her odd of chances getting a drop.
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