ATA should sell "Admin Pak"

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Re: ATA should sell "Admin Pak"

Postby LYCAN69_ThE_WoLF_ on Nov 26 2018, 12:44pm

In all honesty I’m unsure of Eastern wizards first point 1,the rest that’s actually what admin are meant to do anyway and why Admin rooms are created,if admin is getting that bad ,pick better admin
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Re: ATA should sell "Admin Pak"

Postby Aradus on Nov 26 2018, 4:45pm

The_King_Takes_Over wrote:
Aradus wrote:I remember playing another online game about 10 years ago. Next to the members names was:

Green Dot - Active in the past 24 hours.
Yellow Dot - Active in the past week.
Red Dot - Active over a week ago.

It worked pretty well and helped keep them groups running more smooth and officiant.

They also had “Holiday Mode” which was a week or two absence, but was notified or was able to give the account to another player during that period. But the controls were limited to the sitter.

The games called Tribal Wars, still on going

Yes, I’m aware of the games name. Just not sure if we are allowed to name it...
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Re: ATA should sell "Admin Pak"

Postby JoPro on Nov 27 2018, 1:53pm

EasternWizard wrote:ATA should develop and sell an "Admin Spell" which would do the following:
(1) provide sortable stats by each category for clan members (attack, defense, spy attack, spy defense, total cs)
(2) show last date active for each clan member
(3) show role history for each clan member for last 10 roles on clan with date
(4) review details of EBs in last 24 hours including who has dropped premium items
(5) provide acceptance

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Re: ATA should sell "Admin Pak"

Postby IITaP-Ultra_DMC-OuTII on Nov 29 2018, 10:47am

Awesome idea, could really help clans keep track without hours spent doing spreadsheets.
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Re: ATA should sell "Admin Pak"

Postby Hades on Nov 29 2018, 11:31am

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