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Postby FUPOS on Nov 14 2018, 1:20pm

How do you lvl up your pet how do you dismantle another pet
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Re: pet

Postby XxXxZeusxXxX on Nov 14 2018, 1:30pm

You have to dismantle another pet and use it’s meat to upgrade the pet you wish to lvl up
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Re: pet

Postby Thrawn on Nov 14 2018, 4:06pm

Tap and hold on the icon of a pet you own in the furnishing menu. Select the red button labeled "Dismantle" of a pet you're willing to sacrifice. On the next screen, tap and hold the button at the bottom of your screen until a success page pops up. You'll have earned: several of each colored ug material and some pieces of meat.

To upgrade your pet, select the blue "upgrade" button instead of the dismantle button. Follow the same process.

Dismantling furniture is permanent. The only way to get meat (or other slot-specific material) is to dismantle another pet (or other specific slot furn for other material). You cannot trade any slot-specific ug material, only the red/yellow/blue stuff.
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