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Re: PVP event Slay complaints

Postby lILlUIlClIKIlYlICIlHlIAllRlMIl on Oct 24 2018, 11:52pm

Ive made many dtw kill shots, but all accept first two stayed uncounted. Even used Xtalls for 100 inferno
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Re: PVP event Slay complaints

Postby -chubbychaser- on Oct 25 2018, 2:37am

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Re: PVP event Slay complaints

Postby LadyTyphoid on Oct 25 2018, 5:18am

[ATA]Winston wrote:
LadyTyphoid wrote:Such a great idea, ruined by bugs.

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread so we can let the devs know what is happening exactly.

So far the issues are:

No one showing in the battle list.
However so many people are aware you just opted in. And Ugh, there it is. the scout that slays you.

This one doesn't actually appear to be a bug as much as there are so many people opting in as Hunter's and not many Werewolves. The Hunter's can't see other hunters in the BL but Werewolves can see them. When players opt-in as Werewolves they should see both Werewolves and Hunters.

Actually I’ve just opted in as a werewolf and only saw 1 person on my battle list but had inc from 5 different people. So I must of appeared on theirs.
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