Gold transaction for a sale

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Gold transaction for a sale

Postby deathstalker99 on Jun 3 2018, 5:55pm

How do you pay gold for a furnishing transactions
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Re: Gold transaction for a sale

Postby P-N-o-Y-AgiLa on Jun 3 2018, 6:00pm

Ally hires
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Re: Gold transaction for a sale

Postby OpakBot on Jun 3 2018, 6:44pm

Yeah what flame said, next time just ask wc.
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Re: Gold transaction for a sale

Postby Thrawn on Jun 4 2018, 2:37am

As others stated, you typically hire the other player's allies in exchange for charms. As your half of the trade itself, you'll usually send something almost worthless (e.g. a single furnishing upgrade piece) so that the trade can be completed.

Because ally hires are not mechanically tied to trading, be wary of getting scammed for free ally hires. Make sure you trust your trading partner.

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