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Postby Babycakez on May 16 2018, 7:14am

MewTwo wrote:As far as OP goes I think the constant events are nice and gives mid range spenders a little boost while also giving F2P players a goal(not impossible but not likely).

-SS-Thrawn-SS- wrote:At least one regular top 10 gets it f2p, possibly more but I haven't chatted with a lot of them. It's time dedication more than anything, and after that uses either strategy or xtals/p2p.

Now as far as this I find it very hard to believe you could reach top 10 F2P(only using seals/nobs/crystals given out) regularly if ever. If you do happen to see this please do tell how they did it because i just don’t see a way. With Goth/Loth combined paying out 1000event items every 8h and NK giving 2,300 every 1-3hr. Also HTE gives ~200 every 30mins-1.5hr. Just find it very hard for F2P to match.

Called clan hopping mate. They use the free xtals they’re given.
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Postby lllll___HoneyBadger___lllll on May 17 2018, 5:05pm

Tzshifter wrote:
NAT1501 wrote:Well id rather get free bars etc for being active

Maybe there will changes by devs maybe not

But all the angry, bitter peeps are just dragging game down. Just quit if you dont like

And keep living in a fantasy world where the devs put in minimal effort and make maximum profits. If you’re content with the devs not trying to imporove the game then you’re the one dragging the game down and you’re part of the problem. Im sure you do like getting bars for doing nothing, we all do. The devs got you addicted to them like a drug so thats all you look forward to and keep spending that money meanwhile not expecting anything more from them. Keep grinding towards meaningless stats.

I can guarantee you they are not getting maximum profit with minimum effort. If there was more stuff to do they would make so much more money.

Furthermore, yeah events are necessary at this point. But I have to agree that they can't possibly be the only thing to do. At this point they are just as routine as logging on and hitting ebs. We need more wars, more content big time.
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