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Re: This has to stop now

Postby OhHaiThear on Dec 8 2017, 2:29am

x_x wrote:The only reason to upgrade your Kingdom is to finish eb faster, for more event items, to get better charms

Allies, upgrades, combined stats, it's all useless pixels now, the only reason to play is to trade Charms

It's dumb because think about it

What do you use stats for?

(jeopardy theme song)

Nothing... There is no use for stats or thousand charms, war is dead, osw and pvp is dead, can't hit a player once anywhere without a bunch of crying and noob tears for months maybe years

What's the point of collecting charms or upgrading your Kingdom or getting to the top of ally LB, there is no use for any of it in the game

Steve jobs is dead
Walt Disney is dead
Picasso is dead
Am dead
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Re: This has to stop now

Postby x_x on Dec 8 2017, 8:53am

Kaw is dead *
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