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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby Redbourne on Nov 4 2017, 1:41am

iOS laggy startup
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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby hunter_killer on Nov 4 2017, 4:26am

Redbourne wrote:iOS laggy startup

Mine is also laggy

Victory token icon graphic not displaying in profile page
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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby DN_Kassio on Nov 4 2017, 6:04am

Very good initiative, Ajax.
Thought someone should try to make bug list (a bit like Killzone's request compendium) when I experienced the latest "items disappearing bug" and refreshed the forum daily for a dev statement on that issue...

Got a strange iOS bug myself that I can't explain for quite some time: no copy/paste of pms on my iPad compared to the the iOS iPhone app version. Might be a permanent "works as designed " feature though...
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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby xWarRocketAJAXx on Nov 4 2017, 11:15pm

iOS / WC abuse report not working

UPDATE: works in CC/AC now and on wall posts but not in WC

UPDATE: this function is being developed still and has been temporarily suspended in WC December 5 2017

iOS / granite hand/foot description wrong
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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby The_lightning_Lord on Nov 6 2017, 8:19am

Cant change clan chat topic on Android. Brings up post to wall instead, and a post tab that does not work.
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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby Adonis-ICE_MaCHiNE on Nov 6 2017, 2:07pm

Bug after bug after bug. Wth Devs. Game has gone to utter sh**. Really beginning to wind me up!!! Sort this out.
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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby IlIOIlLIlElINlIl on Nov 6 2017, 2:21pm

I’ve been asking the Devs to fix my gloves and moonstones for 5 days via feedback. Basically I can’t upgrade my gloves to the next tiers using the moonstones. Instead the moonstones appears as a charm w stats. They have totally ignored me. I’ve sent multiple feedback msgs and nothing back at all. Worse part is event is now over and I’m stuck w 14,000 moonstones and my gloves are stuck in the most basic tier. Really sad they’ve let the game deteriorate like this. I mean no feedback at all is just rude.
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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby _ZE_Cyrrus_ZE_ on Nov 6 2017, 4:02pm

My side quest disappeared an hour early. Maybe day light savings was not accounted for. Also all the items in my market show up twice. Thanks
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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby some_one on Nov 6 2017, 4:23pm

I believe it's a bug the pvp leaderboard items do not count for the main legend currently
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Re: BUG_Report...Tracker

Postby xWarRocketAJAXx on Nov 7 2017, 6:09pm

iOS / when u click on multiple legends history boxes they open but the date banner/bar(s) freeze and start to overlap
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