Fight =/ Spy actions?

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Re: Fight =/ Spy actions?

Postby Dave on Sep 13 2018, 5:31am

IXI__SYNCHROTRON__IXI wrote:Hey Winston, just thinking about other builds here, spy builds are highly disadvantaged as sometimes they're attack stats aren't big enough for certain ebs and sometimes fail, but their spy stats are high enough to hit goth/lotl. I've seen this from logs during clan hopping last event.

I Am Hansel, PS + 1 lvl 1 attack building. Not only can I hit all eb's. I am also able to hit way above my attack stats. Then trick is BFE, BFA and or a good showcase.

If you fail attack actions on eb then that is not the correct eb to be hitting.
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Re: Fight =/ Spy actions?

Postby Green-Echo4Legend on Sep 13 2018, 1:42pm

I’m loving this new dev involvement. Makes me feel like 2010 again. Kudos.
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Re: Fight =/ Spy actions?

Postby AshtonRocks on Sep 13 2018, 5:02pm

Saber wrote:It's sad but true I fell for it too

We've been bamboozled.
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