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wall art

Postby AfterLife_ShaLlMaR_WoG on Oct 2 2017, 12:13pm

Wall art does not look so good on white wall
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Re: wall art

Postby LMFAO on Oct 2 2017, 5:25pm

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Re: wall art

Postby ocan on Oct 4 2017, 10:23am

That's a true statement.
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Re: wall art

Postby vedderkill on Oct 9 2017, 12:48am

Why change things that don't need fixing when there is a whole lot more fixing to be done
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Re: wall art

Postby -Mighty_Warrior- on Oct 9 2017, 7:38am

Post on Silph's thread about this. Maybe get more of a response?
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