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Re: The Lorebook

Postby Majin_Venom on Feb 5 2016, 2:06pm

Silence roam in every córner, The smell of a fart in The distance became something awful to make stay, at The end of The castle túnel there Was a dragón licking is groin, accidentally One of you men got a line messague , making The dragón stop and stare a The entrace door, no One make a Sound, But suddently you feel you cannot Hold it anymore .. A looud slipperu fart comes out of you, maybe because you are scared... Hell The dragón roars and start moving his head in a voilent move... He blast a fiery Wave... When suddenly a big Booom in The túnnel, the dragón has been Killed , Your men Pray to te gods, there is a Chest in te córner, you find a map, a key and some Silver bars....

Your adventure is about to begin
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Re: The Lorebook

Postby -IIXII-AJ-IIXII- on Feb 5 2016, 2:15pm

Don't even get me started.
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Re: The Lorebook

Postby Reid on Feb 5 2016, 5:31pm

Is Jackson secretly farming posts by insulting kaw_creative, thus receiving replies from other players which he responds to in short bursts?

Why, that's genius! :lol:
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Re: The Lorebook

Postby King_Icer on May 17 2016, 7:58am

Most favorite time in KaW. 2011 Heart Wars Blue Team and winner of the Heart Wars. The old clan is there, "Blue Team" you can look it up. See a ton of old names of passed great warriors and at that time the strongest to play the game. Devs wouldn't give a achievement bc it wasn't a "KaW idea". But great fun, 400 warriors who knew how to fight and play the game. Hats off to the ones still out there, you guys always have my respect.
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Re: The Lorebook

Postby -grizzy- on May 17 2016, 8:17am

Jackson wrote:No one likes you Kaw creative
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