The mids solutions

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Re: The mids solutions

Postby -grizzy- on Jun 24 2015, 8:39am

So would the leaderboard rewards be the same for each bracket?
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Re: The mids solutions

Postby stonewalll on Jun 24 2015, 8:48am

Grizzy for my idea yes, but for WoIfie that would be way to many rewards. That's the in this case 30 people would get the best equipment and it would be more spread out than just all leader boards
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Re: The mids solutions

Postby -Romani- on Jun 24 2015, 9:04am

Ok well if this stops 65mil cs builds hitting me all event for their items I support.
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Re: The mids solutions

Postby Blueberry on Jun 24 2015, 9:08am

stonewalll wrote:WoIfie that's way to many groups. Would not work with how many people opt in for certain groups. Also that would give way to many great rewards to everyone causing the devs mad because people would not spend alot because it's to easy

If you have smaller cs leader boards which increases awards given. You'll MORE people spending money because it allows for more winners. It give a greater yield of players to obtain that #1 leaderboard spot. I'd say Wolfie is in a way correct.
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Re: The mids solutions

Postby Cobra on Jun 24 2015, 9:25am

GRIMZY wrote:I feel like some mids would drop a little bit to be like #1 on the small leaderboard, making it harder for smalls to compete.

But I honestly don't know
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Re: The mids solutions

Postby BLOOM609 on Jun 24 2015, 9:29am

Doesn't matter how you divide the leader board. Biggest spenders will do better than freebies, and in a PvP bigs will still attack smalls. I don't have a problem with the first part but hit range needs to shrink.
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Re: The mids solutions

Postby CraCkFaRrOkH on Jun 24 2015, 9:47am

tiers dont matter, still gotta do b2b hte + xtalls to win
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Re: The mids solutions

Postby Omar on Jun 24 2015, 6:23pm

Wasnt there an sh in top 10 last event? Just because someone isnt a "big" doesnt mean they arent a spender
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