Devs, what about mids?

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Re: Devs, what about mids?

Postby _BuTtNaKeD_-SpAzTeCiAn-_TwInKy on Jun 24 2015, 9:25pm

The gap cant be "shortened" Op.

The devs did do something interesting today though. So far im happy with it.
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Re: Devs, what about mids?

Postby Nighthawk_FPBO_1 on Jun 24 2015, 9:57pm

Ops your not a Mid til HF lands.
IMO 30m cs is approx a Mid give or take.
50% eb bonus for lower EB's helps u n smalls n mids alike. Less strain on growth.
Do the math 1st n not ignore the 2 releases.

FYI they do not offer much for me n many other bigs but I'm happy for those lower down that get the boosts.
If your not satisfied these changes help u then u never will be.

GL n Enjoy
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