Something Interesting?

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Something Interesting?

Postby Explore on Jun 22 2015, 9:55pm

Hello Fellow KaWers! Randumb here and I just wanted to know if this was a good idea or not. I think it would be awesome to have this idea, the idea is... Viewing other clans EB's. I don't mean like seeing what EB there doing I mean like viewing what percent the attack bar is at, basically acting like your in another clan, but you can't attack or anything, you just view!

I don't know if this is a good idea or not but like me I have been always curious about other clans, and seeing there strategies and how they control there EB's! This could also be interesting for Wars too!

Any Suggestions? --Open For Feedback--
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Re: Something Interesting?

Postby AshesOfEden on Jun 22 2015, 10:01pm

Or check them to see if they're telling the truth when they call for help in wc.. 10% left in warbeasts! (Actually 30%)
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Re: Something Interesting?

Postby DirtyLarry_ on Jun 22 2015, 10:27pm

No support

I can't believe I'm actually going to give you reason too :lol:

In an osw or if you're farming an eb clan, you would keep looking to see where they are in the eb. If they fell behind you would get increased pressure...

No that I think about it, that might actually be a fun aspect to add.. I don't think you realize though how big of an impact this could actually have on this game. It would change some things. Not sure if I'm for it or against. I'm someone will think of a way to abuse this
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Re: Something Interesting?

Postby iiiIiieociIiiiwillferrelliiIii on Jun 22 2015, 10:45pm

Ok so your in osw and you can see who's awake or not awake hitting the eb?
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