My Testing Thread

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Re: My Testing Thread

Postby -IIXII-AJ-IIXII- on Oct 9 2014, 8:08am


An omen is a glimpse into the future.
It acts like a chipped mirror.
It's missing the important details of a much larger plot.
And all you know, is that something is going to happen.
Once you start to piece the mirror back together, your stomach would form knots and your judgement going cloudy.
Raising your hand up with the last piece, you slowly reach over to push it in. But, as your fingers near the chipped spot, You say to yourself, "don't be scared."
You are far from being scared.
You fear the thought of knowing and not knowing.
That's what an Omen is.

A glance back and a leap forward

Freaks inc.(Fi) was created by a group of people wanting OSW/PvP. Omen was created as a brother clan to Fi. Both of the clans ran while for awhile until leadership issues in Fi occurred and caused a rift. Through the woes Fi I had, Omen stayed strong and absorbed the other Fi members and turned into an HTE clan. But, sadly, real life got in the way of leaders and they decided to close the gates.

Now, Joker, a founding member, has unlocked the steel gates to the clan with the same vision the other founders had:

To establish Omen as a well known OSW clan.


It doesn't matter whose right, what matters is whose left.
Respect gets respect.
You can run, but, you cant hide.
Hit back tenfold

Hiding and running from us is futile. For you have seen the vision. It's just how long will it take you to accept it.
The Scribe's Association
Writing to entertain you.

The Valiant Knight Tales

World Leaders - PBP

Kaw Writers Competition
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Re: My Testing Thread

Postby _-KotFE_PrincessBacon_KotFE-_ on Oct 14 2014, 12:34pm

AJ get out
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Re: My Testing Thread

Postby _-KotFE_PrincessBacon_KotFE-_ on Oct 14 2014, 12:34pm

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Re: My Testing Thread

Postby _-KotFE_PrincessBacon_KotFE-_ on Oct 14 2014, 12:39pm

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Re: My Testing Thread

Postby -IIXII-AJ-IIXII- on Oct 16 2014, 7:20am



"Steel so fine, so fine to tear, to gnash the skin; Allies to strip, to plait, so nice to plait the strips. So red, the drops that fall; so red, so sweet; pretty screams, singing screams, scream your song, sing your screams..."




Council (=Founders):

KingKeithoftheShadows - Main owner


Mik - Co-Owner


Jess - Co-Owner


L3G3ND_Z3R0 - War commander


-Serenity- - Subclan owner


Lead Admins:

Lola - Acid_burn


Angryfred -


Riddler -

Joker -


Tuffnutz -


Hektic -


Hulk -




Acid Rain - 10m cs (6m cs if home grown)

Acid Burn - is the training alliance lead by experienced admins to teach and advise new players

Rules and guidelines:

Common sense rules here.

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Re: My Testing Thread

Postby _-KotFE_PrincessBacon_KotFE-_ on Oct 17 2014, 11:11am

AJ what did I say!
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Re: My Testing Thread

Postby _-KotFE_PrincessBacon_KotFE-_ on Nov 5 2014, 3:25pm

Here's all the color BBCodes and what they look like!
Scroll down for all of the BBCodes.

☆Here is what you type! :)

Code: Select all
[color=pink]this text will be pink[/color]

*Remember do not use spaces in your coding and be sure to spell color correctly, not colour.*

AliceBlue, AliceBlue

AntiqueWhite, AntiqueWhite

Aqua, Aqua

Aquamarine, Aquamarine

Azure, Azure

Beige, Beige

Bisque, Bisque

Black, Black

BlanchedAlmond, BlanchedAlmond

Blue, Blue

BlueViolet, BlueViolet

Brown, Brown

BurlyWood, BurlyWood

CadetBlue, CadetBlue

Chartreuse, Chartreuse

Chocolate, Chocolate

Coral, Coral

CornflowerBlue, CornflowerBlue

Cornsilk, Cornsilk

Crimson, Crimson

Cyan, Cyan

DarkBlue, DarkBlue

DarkCyan, DarkCyan

DarkGoldenRod, DarkGoldenRod

DarkGray, DarkGray

DarkGreen, DarkGreen

DarkKhaki, DarkKhaki

DarkMagenta, DarkMagenta

DarkOliveGreen, DarkOliveGreen

Darkorange, Darkorange

DarkOrchid, DarkOrchid

DarkRed, DarkRed

DarkSalmon, DarkSalmon

DarkSeaGreen, DarkSeaGreen

DarkSlateBlue, DarkSlateBlue

DarkSlateGray, DarkSlateGray

DarkTurquoise, DarkTurquoise

DarkViolet, DarkViolet

DeepPink, DeepPink

DeepSkyBlue, DeepSkyBlue

DimGray, DimGray

DodgerBlue, DodgerBlue

FireBrick, FireBrick

FloralWhite, FloralWhite

ForestGreen, ForestGreen

Fuchsia, Fuchsia

Gainsboro, Gainsboro

GhostWhite, GhostWhite

Gold, Gold

GoldenRod, GoldenRod

Gray, Gray

Green, Green

GreenYellow, GreenYellow

HoneyDew, HoneyDew

HotPink, HotPink

IndianRed, IndianRed

Indigo, Indigo

Ivory, Ivory

Khaki, Khaki

Lavender, Lavender

LavenderBlush, LavenderBlush

LawnGreen, LawnGreen

LemonChiffon, LemonChiffon

LightBlue, LightBlue

LightCoral, LightCoral

LightCyan, LightCyan

LightGoldenRodYellow, LightGoldenRodYellow

LightGrey, LightGrey

LightGreen, LightGreen

LightPink, LightPink

LightSalmon, LightSalmon

LightSeaGreen, LightSeaGreen

LightSkyBlue, LightSkyBlue

LightSlateBlue, LightSlateBlue

LightSlateGray, LightSlateGray

LightSteelBlue, LightSteelBlue

LightYellow, LightYellow

Lime, Lime

LimeGreen, LimeGreen

Linen, Linen

Magenta, Magenta

Maroon, Maroon

MediumAquaMarine, MediumAquaMarine

MediumBlue, MediumBlue

MediumOrchid, MediumOrchid

MediumPurple, MediumPurple

MediumSeaGreen, MediumSeaGreen

MediumSlateBlue, MediumSlateBlue

MediumSpringGreen, MediumSpringGreen

MediumTurquoise, MediumTurquoise

MediumVioletRed, MediumVioletRed

MidnightBlue, MidnightBlue

MintCream, MintCream

MistyRose, MistyRose

Moccasin, Moccasin

NavajoWhite, NavajoWhite

Navy, Navy

OldLace, OldLace

Olive, Olive

OliveDrab, OliveDrab

Orange, Orange

OrangeRed, OrangeRed

Orchid, Orchid

PaleGoldenRod, PaleGoldenRod

PaleGreen, PaleGreen

PaleTurquoise, PaleTurquoise

PaleVioletRed, PaleVioletRed

PapayaWhip, PapayaWhip

PeachPuff, PeachPuff

Peru, Peru

Pink, Pink

Plum, Plum

PowderBlue, PowderBlue

Purple, Purple

Red, Red

RosyBrown, RosyBrown

RoyalBlue, RoyalBlue

SaddleBrown, SaddleBrown

Salmon, Salmon

SandyBrown, SandyBrown

SeaGreen, SeaGreen

SeaShell, SeaShell

Sienna, Sienna

Silver, Silver

SkyBlue, SkyBlue

SlateBlue, SlateBlue

SlateGray, SlateGray

Snow, Snow

SpringGreen, SpringGreen

SteelBlue, SteelBlue

Tan, Tan

Teal, Teal

Thistle, Thistle

Tomato, Tomato

Turquoise, Turquoise

Violet, Violet

VioletRed, VioletRed

Wheat, Wheat

White, White

WhiteSmoke, WhiteSmoke

Yellow, Yellow

YellowGreen YellowGreen

Bright Rainbow Color Code Generator

Bright and blinding!

Dull Rainbow Color Generator

Dull and easy on the eyes!

☆Here's how you do bold, italics, underline, and size.
*remember do not use spaces in your coding*
Code: Select all
[b]the text here will be bold[/b]

Code: Select all
[i]the text here will be italicized[/i]

Code: Select all
[u]the text here will be underlined[/u]

☆Here's size!

tiny text
Code: Select all
[size=50]tiny text[/size]

small text
Code: Select all
[size=85]small text[/size]

Normal text size :) just type no code needed!

large text
Code: Select all
[size=150]large text[/size]

huge text
Code: Select all
[size=200]huge text[/size]

☆Here's how you quote and quote people!

inspirational quote

Code: Select all
[quote]inspirational quote[/quote]

PrincessBacon wrote:This guide will help many!

Code: Select all
[quote="PrincessBacon"]This guide will help many![/quote]

*caution* it is against the RoC (rules of conduct) to false quote people. Meaning do not quote people on things they did not say. *caution*

☆Here's how to post a picture!
*I advise you to use the imgfit code to fit your pictures to mobile device screens. Please use imgfit*

Code: Select all
[imgfit]image code URL goes here[/imgfit]

☆Here's URLs!
*this is for links*
Code: Select all

A Thinking Ape Website
Code: Select all
[]A Thinking Ape Website[/url]

☆Here's smiley codes!
*do these without the space*

Very happy - :D : D

Smile - :) : )

Wink - ;) ; )

Sad - :( : (

Surprised - :o : o

Shocked - :shock: :sho ck:

Confused - :? : ?

Cool - 8-) 8- )

Laughing - :lol: :l o l:

Crying - :cry: :c r y:

Mad - :x : x

Razz - :P : P (must use a capital P)

Embarrassed - :oops: : oo ps :

Evil - :evil: :ev il:

Twisted evil - :twisted: :tw isted:

Rolling eyes - :roll: :ro ll:

Exclamation - :!: : ! :

Question - :?: : ? :

Arrow - :arrow: :arr ow:

Idea - :idea: :id ea:

Neutral - :| : | (note this is a vertical bar/pipe)

Geek - :geek: :ge ek:

Uber geek - :ugeek: :uge ek:

Mr Green - :mrgreen: :mr green:

♡Moose & Speedy wanted a mention. Noobs.♡

Please test your codes on this thread! :D everyone is welcome to.
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Re: My Testing Thread

Postby sean893 on Nov 12 2014, 5:25am

Achievment unlocked for AJ:

"The Interruptor"

Description: This achievement is given to the players who picks their nose on other people's threads for a reason. Though the reader can be picky, it may end up leading the thread to more entertainment for future readers and beyond!

Just kidding!
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Re: My Testing Thread

Postby _-KotFE_PrincessBacon_KotFE-_ on Nov 13 2014, 3:26pm

Sean! Lmao!
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