Introducing: KaW's Coffer

Official announcements from the makers of Kingdoms at War.

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Re: Introducing: KaW's Coffer

Postby AC-Penelope21-AC on Jan 20 2019, 2:29pm

xXx__Get-o-Dac__xXx wrote:Just a suggestion: I personally would like to see a list of players that already received Coffer and their merit. It would motivate myself to beat their input in Kawmunity and would set an example and a starting point for others! Delete if such list does exist already and please point me to it. Thank you. Happy Kaw-ing!

I support this idea, it gives us something to work towards
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Re: Introducing: KaW's Coffer

Postby __QueenPretty__BlueEyes__ on Feb 20 2019, 5:57am

I am helping and supporting kaw community alot, so i would like to have 1 of kaw coffer :)
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