9 Year Anniversary!

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Re: 9 Year Anniversary!

Postby Original_Belladonna on Sep 16 2018, 1:30pm

Titan_God wrote:
Original_Belladonna wrote:
Original_Belladonna wrote:The chest says it’s 11. 

So, any insights as to why this says “11”, and not “9”. The Roman Numeral for 9 is IX, not XI.

I do believe it’s the multiplier of the anniversary why it says 11 or “XI” so the 11 x the 9 = the 99% bonus it gives ;)

Thanks. Where does the 11 come in though? What significance does the number 11 have for a ninth birthday?
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Re: 9 Year Anniversary!

Postby _Shadow-fighter_ on Sep 18 2018, 8:25am

Turn the chest upside down and it will say nine!
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Re: 9 Year Anniversary!

Postby -FIST- on Sep 18 2018, 1:27pm

DeltaForceGM01 wrote:
We dont talk about starwars 7-9, there are only 6 episodes

Hahaha I wish we could at LEAST get an
alternate universe version in book form how George Lucas planned it originally!

There are authors who write/wrote for star wars, they cannot put their own vision into it per se but in my opinion still a superior experience verses films, check out some of ra Salvatore's writing. Sorry to be off topic lol
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Re: 9 Year Anniversary!

Postby Mott on Sep 19 2018, 1:17pm

This has been a very pleasant 9th Anniversary Celebration. Kudos to the KaW “gods,” and attendant handlers, for sharing the celebration with us mortals.
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Re: 9 Year Anniversary!

Postby -SaVy- on Sep 20 2018, 2:10am

Happy anniversary
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Re: 9 Year Anniversary!

Postby Wintern0va on Sep 22 2018, 11:36am

Yay only 1.5 months till my 9 year badge
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Re: 9 Year Anniversary!

Postby Benny on Sep 22 2018, 5:20pm

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