Welcome our new Moderators!

Official announcements from the makers of Kingdoms at War.

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Re: Welcome our new Moderators!

Postby Drgn on Apr 3 2018, 8:06pm


Congrats new mods.
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Re: Welcome our new Moderators!

Postby Bluejay on Apr 3 2018, 8:14pm

Cat fiiiiight!
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Re: Welcome our new Moderators!

Postby Tzshifter on Apr 3 2018, 8:15pm

Titan_God wrote:Heavily abuse powers I have not seen this can you enlighten me please? Have done no good? What in your thoughts is “good” a moderator has to do to achieve that status?

In world chat I said modspock hugs his daddy and he silenced me, I opened a ticket and never got any response back explaining this from the devs they closed my ticket and modspock magically disappeared(name change) thats a good example of mods abusing their powers.
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Re: Welcome our new Moderators!

Postby Original_Belladonna on Apr 3 2018, 9:55pm

I request a lock of this forum thread and then a call out forum post against the mods. The lock is because this has gotten derailed. If someone wants to write a new post about specific abuses of power by select moderators, you should do that. If devs even remotely care about their player base, they’d take a look at their current moderators behavior and re-evaluate their standing in the KaWmunity. I fully expect to be forum banned for this, but it may not happen. 50/50 chance. Lol. :D

But who knows, they added four new mods, maybe some of the old ones will go? If not, do what you will, KaWmunity. :)
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Re: Welcome our new Moderators!

Postby THE-GUY on Apr 3 2018, 10:31pm

Hello new mods I for one happy you guys will help out those learning the ropes and keep them trouble makers in line
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Re: Welcome our new Moderators!

Postby O0O-l_URKlNG--T3RR0R_O0O on Apr 3 2018, 10:52pm

April's fool was 3 days ago stoopid devs

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