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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby ambermoon on Sep 23 2017, 11:46am

Did the update so I can trade if desired but hate the change to the inbox format....can you put it back the way it was? Without the conversation bubbles please?
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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby KINGDOMINODEATH on Sep 23 2017, 11:58am

Worst idea EVER.
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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby giskard on Sep 23 2017, 3:22pm

Ironic that a game entirely predicated on mechanics has just sodomised the mechanics. Go figure. Don’t know why I’m surprised...
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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby Chop-Suey on Sep 24 2017, 11:48am

Hey updates out... where is this?
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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby Nighthawk_FPBO_1 on Sep 24 2017, 1:41pm

giskard wrote:Ironic that a game entirely predicated on mechanics has just sodomised the mechanics. Go figure. Don’t know why I’m surprised...

True but KaW is far removed from warring or pvp.
WAS predicated applies to today. EB event chasing is in vogue.
When ASW for only the top 10k is all a year has to offer for war says it all.
All one need do is see how easy top 500 war is achieved.
PvP is find a farm that are aplenty.
Attack Pots r now useless once a build reaches a certain cs.
I've no att/spy att pots cuz only a drag on unload speed.

The monotony of b2b events ad nauseum does not entice war nor pvp nor OSW.
It only is a keep up with the Jones lemming mentality.
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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby ATABruce on Sep 27 2017, 3:22pm

ISS_The_DirtyDugan_ISS wrote:Seems like the most pointless and boring in game addition you guys have made....however, cool selfie at the top of the post though! 

Pretty solid joke tbh.

QLDer_ProudAussie_QLDer wrote:
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrote:cant really be exploited that hard tbh, just made an alt and tried it

People are referring more to the people that have already got multiple established accounts with similar stats in their showcase to their mains. Allowing for (with 2 alts) 3x the amount of showcase stats than someone with no alts. Individual wars don't take into account the showcase stats, therefore people are up in arms about the lack of thought into how people with alts will have an unfair advantage in individual wars. So yes it can be exploited by those of long term alt users.

The idea that a player could 3x (or more) their BFE is a bit of a boogeyman for a couple of reasons. It's important to remember that while in theory this system allows any given player to transfer an infinite number of stat items to a single account for unlimited power, everyone is constrained by the number of tradable stat items on their alts as well as the willingness of other players to trade their items away. Both of those add significant friction to the act of stacking Charm/Item stats. Another important factor is that Transmutation significantly reduces the stat value of equipment, which means that even with stacking, Charm/Item stats serve as a supplementary stat gain to BFE. For reference, top BFE players hold about 15-22% of their static stats in Charms/Items. While not insignificant, I think that's a pretty healthy relationship that favours BFE while allowing players to leverage their past activity to supplement their stats through Transmutation and Trade.

Void wrote:Not bad! Good to see y'all working on new game play and features.

Also, pretty sure ATA would have tested it for exploits. You can't trade resources, only equipment it would seem.

Edit: @Mike/Faust, I'm still glad ATA is giving us something to do with the 100old older equipment we have. The showcase and transmutation was a good idea. It suddenly made all our older junk, relevant as showcase perm bonuses.
Now trading? I've seen countless threads over the years asking for trading and more and now we have it.

My only gripe would be with UI. As ATA is adding more elements onto an 8+ year old UI, the older framework elements don't match the new features.

Case in point would be the Transmutation menu, on droid you have to swipe on a text box whilst in the mage to enter it.
So instead of adding it to the marketplace as a button, the Devs embedded the link to transmutation on a text box in the mage.(So they don't have to redesign the older UI and the underlying framework) Which leads to a horrible UI design and it being ugly.

The current plan is to update the aesthetic of the entire game piece by piece as we make changes or add features. So absolutely agree that there is a visual disconnect between the old and the new, but it makes more sense to make parts of the game look better as we update them. Also the navigation to the Transmute page was intended to be obscured because otherwise there would have been loads of players experimenting with transmutation and accidentally Charming their favourite equips (also because it made for a really interesting roll out!). We will likely change the way you access Transmutation in the future.

Faust wrote:Gonna place the feedback I created here for all to see what is wrong with this update, also so no one takes credit for it :/

This update of the ability to transfer the showcase items is just stupid,
completely breaks the game as is. Let me show you how. Currently there is NO CAP on how many items you can transfer in total(12 per trade but any amount can be traded in total). I have personally tested and seen(Faust) trade 50 pieces of eq to a war alt and that alt gained just under 750 m static all around. Just under 1/4th of what i could possibly transfer on a single acc. The acc got ~2.5 B RAW BFE which translates to 50 m static. As we all know bfe and showcase don’t affect CR ranking in wars or otherwise. This makes it possible for an acc with over lets say 500 mcs static to be in the same bracket as a 100 mcs acc with no bfe or bfa. Doesn’t this seem broken to you?

Response to Aussie above addresses some of this, but with respect to War matchups we'll be keeping a close eye on the plunder differentials and make sure those stay sane. So far they haven't changed, which is a fairly reliable indication that Trading has not impacted match quality.

Faust wrote:Next point is out of war, how this completely makes bfa irrelevant. If an acc can get 2.5 B raw which is around 250 T in bfa currently in just a few minutes imagine this on a much larger scale. A leader in an osw clan or any clan asks his clan mates to give their showcase to the largest acc. Lets say the clan has just over 70 members and every member has just over 1 B in raw in it. Those 70 ppl transfer it over and how the acc has 70 B raw static. Most likely being around ~alb top 30, TOP 30. Top 15 alb has around min what 10 Q in bfa?????? So does this bfa from clanmates(can be alts randoms you paid in seals family friends etc) = to that of top of the ally lb???

Next part on how it can make a single acc stronger than an acc with over 75 Q in bfa. Ill use a straw man osw alliance with lets say 500 members across all its branches. Leader asks pass me your bfe and you pass it over. On average because 80% are active have 1.5 B static all around in showcase. Of the 500 only 400 are able to pass. so lets do now some simple math. 400x1.5=600. 600 B RAW in BFE. THATS MORE THAN ALB 1.

Man Faust, what you're describing here sounds really interesting and maybe even fun? The ally market isn't what it used to be. It lacks a level of dynamism that resulted from massive influxes of new players every single day, with many progressing to become valuable allies. KaW still gets new players but not at the scale that it did in its prime, which has lead to a more stagnant ally market. Our goal isn't to undermine the value of allies, but introducing Trade adds a new method of power transfer that we hope will lead to interesting encounters just like this. Remember that this stuff doesn't happen in a vacuum. If another clan decides to consolidate stat items on a single account how will you respond? Stack Charms onto one of your own accounts and have a battle of the giants? Farm their clanmates that just dropped their static stats? There are a bunch of war game scenarios that can emerge from this and we'll be keeping a close eye on how that plays out.

Faust wrote:And how finally why you should care(as the player/devs if you don’t care about game balance at all). this update makes training completely irrelevant. BFE is now worth more than gold gained in game via BFA. This makes lbs not want to spend as some no name tank at 50 mcs has more static than they do at alb top 50. Loss in profits. More and more lbs quit/not spend because if it. More loss profit. And finally because all the whales quit game dies. The end. If you care enough about profit at the very least as well as player happiness REVERSE THIS UPDATE COMPLETELY. Thx


BFA still provides a significant advantage and importantly will continue to grow as players upgrade their buildings. Also note that the relationship between BFA, BFE, and static will fluctuate based on the land/building and new equipment releases, which do not increase at the same rate.

LordSavan wrote:As usual with anything important to the health of the game, everyone has an opinion except the devs.. Maybe bruce is looking for a clever gif before chiming in?

Yeah took me a while but I got one for ya.

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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby haltX on Sep 28 2017, 2:16am

To stop misuse ppl should open bid on equip like ally market
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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby KINGDOMINODEATH on Sep 28 2017, 3:18am

Is seriously nobody complaining about the fact that PC users are being left waaaaay behind with EVERYTHING?
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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby Sully on Sep 28 2017, 3:42am

Resilient_Cersei wrote:Is seriously nobody complaining about the fact that PC users are being left waaaaay behind with EVERYTHING?

PC needs to be removed for the longevity of kaw anyway. I would wager 99% of the cheating is done on PC's, and that cheating has killed osw, ee wars, and kaws overall enjoyment for many, many players.
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Re: Introducing Trading!

Postby KINGDOMINODEATH on Sep 28 2017, 3:50am

Cheating can be done without PC access.
I used to spend on my alts but now I longer do because I can't even get legend rewards  I'm sure many others feel the same way. Devs loss.
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