Summer Clean-up: Item Removal List

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Summer Clean-up: Item Removal List

Postby [ATA]Caster on Jul 10 2017, 4:11pm

Sometime next week the following items will be cleaned-up from players' inventories. If you want additional details, you can check the following announcement:


Item Removal List

***Banked*** - Stealable Favor of Ithioch
7th Anniversary Crux Chest
Abyssal Lantern
Accursed Arrow (LEGENDS BETA)
Alchemia Box
Alchemic Formula
Alliance Wartoken VIII
Annym Chest
Aqua Token
Argentic Scale
Artificer's Hammer
ASW Bet Token
Azure Drops
Bar Dazzaruk Chest
Barren Casque
Barren Casque Relic
Bear Pelt
Bird Skull Trinket (LEGENDS BETA)
Bird Skull Trinket (LEGENDS BETA) Charm
Black Cat Claw
Black Cat Key [Tier 4]
Black Cat Spikes
Black Pearl
Blood Ruby
Bloodied Habit
Bottled-Beetle Ichor
Brandraven Plume
Broken Blackwand
Broken Spear
Bronze Grimgard Box
Building Token
Burglar Box
Burnt Tabard
Cavea of Fortitude (ATK)
Cavea of Grace (SPY)
Cavea of Symmetry (BAL)
Celebration Chest
Celestial Twin Box
Chest of Fealty
Choleric Waxcap
Common Arrows (LEGENDS BETA)
Continental Token
Coralline Box
Crimson Drops
Crux Crate
Crystal Geode
Crystallite War Key [Tier 7 War]
Cutpurse Key [Tier 1]
Dampening Snare
Desiccation Bombs
Dilitir Salts
Diurnal Coin
Drakkend Opal
Druid's Box
Druidic Scroll
Druidic Wartoken
Dukedom Chest
Dwarven Lucky Chest
Ego Hook
Element Medallion
Elrengoth's Coffer
Empty Flask
Empty Phial
Endacatheon Wartoken 1
Endacatheon Wartoken 2
Endacatheon Wartoken IV
Endacatheon Wartoken V
Endacatheon Wartoken VI
Endacatheon Wartoken VII
Endacatheon Wartoken VIII
Endacatheon Wartoken X
Enigmatic Ichor
Etymite Nugget
Falconer Key [Tier 3]
Favor of Baalir
Favor of Bryntalli
Favor of Gilmarant
Favor of Hyndemara
Favor of Kyzarian
Favor of Rosabranta
Favor of the Twins
Favor of Viskard
Femur Shiv
Fianna Chest
Fidelitas Banner
Finals: Magenta Mercenaries Bet Token
Finals: Olive Officer Bet Token
Forge Stone
Forgotten Chest
Frontier Spyglass
Frysta Runestone
Fugitive Box
Fullmoon Dew
Gaian Energy
Gatesilver Powder
Golden Building Token
Golden Coral
Golden Crux Crate
Grandfather's Amberblood
Greater Barren Casque
Green Vixen Box
Grimgard Wartoken
Gullend Chest
Hag's Eye
Hallowed Ligature
Heilun Swathe
Hoarfrost Chest
Holy Champion Token
Holy Forge Box
Holy Water Phial
Hreinsa Weed
Ice Moth
Impel Node
Inferno Token
Iridescent Feather
Iron Ingot
Ithioch’s Guard
Izulite Rod
Jewel of Quarantine
Keeper Box
Klaris Blossom
Knight's Spurs
Kralmora's Scale
Kralmora's Strongbox
Leaden Cosh
Left Prima Shard
Lesser Barren Casque
Life Coin
Lightweight Rope
Lineage Box
Lowland Smelt
Lucky Tome - BLUE
Luna Moondrop
Luskull's Horn
Magic Arrow (LEGENDS BETA)
Malako Moss
Mariner's Box
Merchant Key [Tier 2]
Metal Claw
Mind Barb
Miner's Pickaxe
Moldering Chest
Monk's Symbol
Moon Brick
Moonless Box
Necromancer's Heart
Necromancer's Totem
Nomad Arrows
Non-stealable Favor of Ithioch
Oak Branch
Oathkeeper Box
Oats of Competition
Opal of Conflict
Opal of Labour
Oracle Queen Box
Oracle's Saphire
Peculiar Braid
Persona Snare
Phanea's Philtre
Pitchfork Head
Plaguemark Box
Prima Token
Pristine Verglas
Prizmai Box
Prophecy Box
Psyche Trap
Puzzling Fang
Python Vellum
Qualohua Pipe
Relinquished Soul
Right Prima Shard
Rime Chest
Round 1: Blue Bet Token
Round 1: Cyan Bet Token
Round 1: Gold Bet Token
Round 1: Magenta Bet Token
Round 1: Olive Bet Token
Round 1: Rose Bet Token
Round 1: Silver Bet Token
Round 1: Violet bet Token
Round 2: Blue Bet Token
Round 2: Magenta Bet Token
Round 2: Olive Bet Token
Round 2: Silver Bet Token
Sapient Moss
Scintillating Scale
Scorched Hat
Seadweller Key [Tier 5]
Sealed Dekhul Scroll of Triumph - BLUE
Seasons Coin
Silver Grimgard Box
Silverstoat Gland
Sindarin Tome
Sinedor Leaf
Skalgar's Box
Sky Moondrop
Smuggler's Box
Sol Moondrop
Sorceress Box
Starfather Box
Stealable Favor of Ithioch
Stoval's Serum
Succession Box
Sun Brick
Sylva Moondrop
Tagma Box
Terrorbeetle Mandibles
Thanatic Boon
Thaumic Engine
Thrown Gauntlet
Tleco Tablet
Tombhag Ink
Trequiam's Tincture
Trident Head
Troggub Toe
Trollkiller Box
Unfamiliar Scale
Unkari Chest
Unkari Spellshaft
Unusual Ear
Ursus Medal
Vastar Dust
Verses of Reversal
Volcanic Dust (LEGENDS BETA)
Volknight Key [Tier 6]
War Coin
Warlord's Arm Ring
Warlord's Chest
Warmother Chest
White Flag
Wurohl Honey
Zelantine Ichor
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