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Re: Community Wishlist Response

Postby Corinthian on Jul 16 2017, 1:16pm

Trap wrote:You are right, they have made 1 update and it was an update that would of only took a day to do. Corinthian has just been spewing some serious pro dev propaganda lately, just ignore most his input.

I'm not sure about "propaganda." Does offering actual counterpoint and thought-out discussion to topics where there's just a lot of complaining, "anti-dev propaganda" (to use your terms), make it "pro-dev propaganda?"

I've even agreed when the developers failed to come through or were weak (see: my comments on the cancelled Observers vs. Stonehills topic for instance). If you only pick and choose what statements you pay attention to, you will not learn anything, nor will change.

In my response to GraveLSA, I was expressing my legitimate opinion when I originally read the Community Wishlist Response a couple weeks ago. I thought, "wow, in context of this topic, they've actually been moving along." Without this topic to give context to the developer's intentions, yes, it's a lot easier to complain. Even then, the developers have been making a lot of changes (i.e. delivering on their promises) lately, despite being currently bogged down trying to restore back-end compatibility for other mobile devices and PC. Even without this wishlist response, the update pacing makes it difficult to claim that active development isn't ongoing- in fact, you can't know what feature will be next around the bend.

Just because I'm providing rational responses doesn't make it "pro-dev propaganda." It just makes me not a cynic.
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Re: Community Wishlist Response

Postby GraveLSA on Jul 16 2017, 9:45pm


Tbh you're right I mean I was hoping for more and bigger changes with their "under-promise, over-deliver" philosophy but with everything you mentioned I can't be disappointed.

Still waiting for my pvp crux chests tho.
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Re: Community Wishlist Response

Postby RAIN_THI_PAIN on Jul 17 2017, 1:15am

Hi there's a storm a burning desire to change rewards on clan wars be nice to get equipment instead of spills.
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Re: Community Wishlist Response

Postby Nighthawk_FPBO_1 on Jul 17 2017, 1:20am

How about a war chest?
Drops for each win and losers top 3 actions.
Actions as being a total of incoming losses & outgoing wins.

Unique spells of many kinds the higher they r accumulated the higher they become. Percentage based as EE is. Duration can be another choice. Combinations can be used. Those who war aplenty can amass many spells to open for war use.

The more one wars the more one can attain spells and options for useage. Can be similar to mith spells or something totally new.
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Re: Community Wishlist Response

Postby MERCS-DREAM on Jul 17 2017, 6:04pm

I'm sure this has been asked for many times; I would love to be able to have a sign in/out option so that multiple accounts could be accessed from the same phone. You could cap it at 2-3 accounts even. Most players that have more than 1 account would benefit from this feature.
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