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Re: World Leaders 3.0: HoTo

Postby ---Dread---Pirate---Roberts--- on Jul 24 2016, 2:36am

We pirates, while priding ourselves on making due with whatever we find also have the swagger to take the test.

We older pirates saw the writing on the vid screen and grok'd that our old ways were dying, our technology flagging and centuries without a true safe haven was taking a toll on population sustainability.

Our free lifestyle, open to all willing to swear the fatal to break pirate bonding oath has always been our strength.

Decades ago as part of the Pirate-a-palloza Galaxy of Rock concert series we began recruiting the brightest young social, scientific and technology minded citizens from every empire by plunging them into the free life of hedonism. Those that melded became pirates and thrived, those that didn't, well that's another story...

These voluntary conscripts flourished in secret unmapped regions of space, each of thousands of ships supplying their research and needs, allowed them to develop revolutionary technologies, like new stealth subs allowing virtually undetectable movement through the known universe, a cell phone battery that never dies and their greatest achievement a navigation engine that allows for ships to operate and navigate witch space. Opening new avenues of plunder of all ships in mid star jump. Imagine your cargo there at the start and gone at the destination... The two noticeable drawbacks to living in between are aging being sped up by 25-50% and occasional encounters (not often violent, but always unsettling) with other sentiment beings who appear as formless clouds of a plasma. The red beings causing the most harm. The crews have termed these forces "The Reapers" in honor of Captain Reaper and his crew who dared the first mid jump excursions.

Rumor has it this science was applied to a small planet placing the planet in permanent flux between here and there. Fortification and colonization has created a safe harbor. Safe Harbor being an oxymoron given its a pirate home...
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Re: World Leaders 3.0: HoTo

Postby -Narwhal on Jul 24 2016, 11:09am

Because I cannot see the maps AJ posted at all:

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Re: World Leaders 3.0: HoTo

Postby YOU_JUST_GOT_FARMED on Jul 24 2016, 11:36am

I would like to play as the shadow collective
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Re: World Leaders 3.0: HoTo

Postby suptis2 on Jul 24 2016, 12:17pm

add some lime, lightblue mediumpurple or yellow please
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