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Re: Another Forum game?

Postby Arggedion on Oct 29 2017, 1:09pm

You are, but America invades and you die.

I wish for someone else to have my wish.
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Re: Another Forum game?

Postby --since1918-- on Nov 18 2017, 10:24pm

Someone else gets your wish but they are a psychopath and will use the wish to murder a hundred people.

I wish that boredom ceases to exist.
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Re: Another Forum game?

Postby XxXbatdogXxX on Nov 19 2017, 5:59am

Granted, you are now being tortured beyond reasonable mention constantly. Because you failed to be more specific. You are no longer bored ever.

I wish for world Peace
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Re: Another Forum game?

Postby ________G_D_M_F_S_O_B_____ on Nov 19 2017, 7:24am

Granted,its now world peace and no weapons exist.Aliens see their chanse and attacks earth and kill all ppl.

I wish i was roni
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