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Moderator: Kingdoms at War

Re: ⚔️Moderators and Knights⚔️

Postby Ken_Ken on Jan 29 2018, 7:25pm

Please change game name to KAE, Kingdoms at Event & Eb.

So new players will not be confused and we can guide them to this wonderful game properly
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Re: ⚔️Moderators and Knights⚔️

Postby Bard on Feb 5 2018, 8:30am

masterchifchaf wrote:Cheers for the repost Moody, I love keeping up to date :D used to check this post all the time! Surprised to see so many mods still here, must miss a few of them in WC! Its good to see so many VKs too, it would be class to have more VK promotions some time as well :)

I have to agree. Some new Knights would be rather nice, it'll help show the players there are rewards for being nice, helpful, and having general knowledge of the game!
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