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Re: ⭐️ Kaw Guides 3.0 is Here

Postby Family on Aug 13 2018, 10:57pm

Very nice guide Titan!
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Re: ⭐️ Kaw Guides 3.0 is Here

Postby marshmalloww on Aug 13 2018, 11:03pm

Weird. Coz I was testing to try reach max plunder and every time I purchased more allies my Allies Bonus went down. So strange. It’s increasing now though, far beyond what it was before, so it must have been glitched or something lol. Thanks for responding
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Re: ⭐️ Kaw Guides 3.0 is Here

Postby tltltAndromaliuStltlt on Aug 13 2018, 11:46pm

Nice revamp
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