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Re: EE War Guide

Postby MlKE on Oct 7 2016, 11:02pm

R0X3Y wrote:Great guide but there's alot of terms you could maybe make people aware of too?

OE - over extended (opposition)
Oppo - opposition (once had people asking me what "oppo" meant.)
Rip - ya got ko'd like a tool
Swarm (usually only in LL 5 assas, 3 attk depending on build)
Scrub - ya can't war so don't.
Ghost - xtal when being swarmed so oppo waste valuable spies/troops on you. You act as a meat sheild until they question wth am I failing on this nub and give up.

Some serious (swarm, OE, oppo) which ever. But some war newbies need that info^

Your version of a "swarm" is what I call hyper extending.
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Re: ⚔ EE War Guide ⚔

Postby R0X3Y on Oct 8 2016, 1:01am

Swarm sounds better then hyper extending tbf. But each to his own :cool:
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Re: ⚔ EE War Guide ⚔

Postby Choccy on Oct 8 2016, 1:08am

Well done, Seth! Nice guide! :)
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Re: ⚔ EE War Guide ⚔

Postby Benny on Oct 8 2016, 1:17am

chocolate23 wrote:Well done, Seth! Nice guide! :)

who the hell is this guy
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Re: EE War Guide

Postby Seth on Oct 8 2016, 7:26am

Thanks everyone :D
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Re: ⚔ EE War Guide ⚔

Postby Kezzer on Oct 8 2016, 7:32am

I know I already told you this but great thread Seth keep up the great work
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Re: ⚔ EE War Guide ⚔

Postby -sjgenius69- on Oct 8 2016, 8:13am

Good thread but I would correct the statement \ phrase "...equal strength..." to more of an accurate phrase "...'around' current hit range..." (this pertains to you discussing iwars).

Anyway, as stated above, good thread and Ty.

Happy KAW'ing ️
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Re: ⚔ EE War Guide ⚔

Postby -sjgenius69- on Oct 8 2016, 8:18am

Seth, it is a good thread and again thank you. Now roll one up concerning mechs. Think that would be an immense help and aid to your guide.

Happy KAW'ing 
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Re: ⚔ EE War Guide ⚔

Postby GRYMLN on Oct 11 2016, 7:11pm

EE is useless now until devs make new war equipment
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Re: ⚔ EE War Guide ⚔

Postby -lilil-_-H3llB0UND-_-lilil- on Oct 11 2016, 7:22pm

Your forgetting terms like zt, ZS, sdt, adt, sdp, adp.
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