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Postby HiT__Tim__RaG on Jun 28 2019, 8:47am

What about deleting that
‘Are you sure?’ button popping up if you wanna enchant an equipment?
Fore sure I’m sure...that massage is just useless and annoying.
Can’t be hard to fix neither.
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Re: mage

Postby jstrong58 on Jun 28 2019, 8:49am

Support. Also stop secretly lowering the success rate for enchanting. And lowering drop rates from free chests.
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Re: mage

Postby Saber on Jun 28 2019, 8:52am

Support, but I haven't noticed any lowered success rate
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Re: mage

Postby Zethro on Jun 28 2019, 7:34pm

Agreed, the message is really good for newer players and even the few that Kay not really pay attention to enchanting but there’s gotta be a way to disable it or click Don’t Show Again
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