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No Expectations

Postby CousY on Jun 5 2019, 8:28pm

My last post got me thinking
Here’s my suggestion for an event
Remove all epic battles for 2 weeks
Only way to make gold is through pvp
Battle list, pick a target and pin them
Or fill your block list with preferred targets if you enjoy hitting particular members
Once target is dtw you earn a reward
More hits it takes, larger the rewards

Example 1 ( member atk 5/5/13 p:34 )
Small reward
Example 2 ( member stl 10/10/13 p:34 )
Medium reward
Example 3 ( member atk 23/23/13 p:34 )
Large reward

General ideas
Have a leaderboard based on amounts of pinned members/plunder accumulated, taking into factor small accounts hitting higher range members and big members picking on smaller ones.
If you’re Lb hitting way below then plunder rewards are small, if small members are hitting higher up then plunder rewards are greater.
Promoting same tier battles.
At the end of the two weeks similar rewards as current events can be distributed. Pets, weapons, banners
Incorporate royal boxes from say pinning 10 members in a row without being pinned.

EE wars remain in rotation.

Possible outcomes
- opportunity to actually use pvp eq
- Clan loyalty, eliminates clan hoppers
- Have modified spells in marketplace that increase plunder, by being in clan
- Bring back rivalries to a war game
- Members still need to use xtals either to stay up or pin targets

Negative outcomes
- no royal boxes to buy top position in leaderboard
- Fairies will show true colours

This is just a starting point with suggestion, plenty of room for improvements and feedback, good or bad
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Re: No Expectations

Postby __MG_of__WoG___ on Jun 5 2019, 8:34pm

Support although they would have to add some sort of spell or something for nobs to increase plunder or something so they can make monies. Id probably go with much larger rewards than normal so that the items collected lb chasers are more incentivized to not just afk for two weeks. Also would like to see larger rewards based on gold out and taken to encourage strips.
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Re: No Expectations

Postby stevemeyerhoff on Jun 5 2019, 9:19pm

Would be v nice but can’t see devs doing away with ebs.. we would have players actually having to hit players again!
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Re: No Expectations

Postby lIIlIllI___PARSFAN___lIlIlIIl on Jun 5 2019, 10:43pm

never gonna happen
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Re: No Expectations

Postby tltltAndromaliuStltlt on Jun 5 2019, 11:31pm

Let's try and please everyone! The tower event was perfect! Let's have an event where we get one item from eb and the other bit from PvP! To make this a win win situation the second item will drop from ebs but only in limited quantities! Gives a real PvP element and also let's eb guys win to
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Re: No Expectations

Postby Boo on Jun 6 2019, 12:00am

Support. But alas, pvp events always will be alt farming contests.
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Re: No Expectations

Postby lIlIlIlILlIlIOlIlIWlIlIlIlI on Jun 6 2019, 2:01am

Always nice to see ideas to increase the pvp aspect of the Game. But again i think this isnt thought to the end:

Easy to exploit with alts/ inactives.
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Re: No Expectations

Postby --DB--THE--BEAST-- on Jun 6 2019, 4:01am

We lose enough gold having to bank for wars lol..can you really see devs removing nk for 2 weekends.
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Re: No Expectations

Postby DeathByFart on Jun 6 2019, 4:03am

Problem is ally LB will not support relentless attacks as the gold sink/leak will be massive. Its one thing to enjoy pvp but turning off ebs imo will lower kaws activity.

Would be nice for the pvp side to be rewarded tho as I do like a good pvp
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Re: No Expectations

Postby Eagle on Jun 6 2019, 6:26am

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