Blood Rains

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Re: Blood Rains

Postby Zethro on May 8 2019, 12:32pm

WikKid wrote:
4A6F73-HEX-687561 wrote:They actually removed the first tier (100), lowest tier is now 500

Ok, a new player would still be able to hit any BR just by barely playing the game

The issue is not a player being able to hit BR, it’s that small clans can’t finish a high tier EB which is all they offer for BR typically since most players would scoff at a TFO BR. Remember that we should also be promoting clan loyalty not clan hopping
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Re: Blood Rains

Postby O0O-l_URKlNG--T3RR0R_O0O on May 10 2019, 3:07am

LMABAO wrote:That would make sense so I doubt that will happen.

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