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Re: moderator community vote

Postby Sourcewalker on Apr 30 2019, 6:33am

Still don’t understand why we don’t have a war moderator in the game to oversee warring lol. No current mods war at all which is disappointing
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Re: moderator community vote

Postby Seth on Apr 30 2019, 6:42am

Completely disagree with the vote, however I can agree with the term idea.

Votes would be determined strictly on who people like. This would induce favoritism more than presently exists (most mods are pretty good about this though)

Nearing the end of a mods term, dev's could review performance and ask them to do another term or cut them.

Doesnt sound like a bad idea. No votes though.
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Re: moderator community vote

Postby Takbir on Apr 30 2019, 6:50am

Dave the scam mod saw my post here and decide he want to try and strip on me. I take poop break at work and see he has stripped. You so sensitive Dave the scam mod but don’t silence me plz like you do to everyone who argue you.
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Re: moderator community vote

Postby JEDI-MAESTRO on Apr 30 2019, 8:32am

A few things of note here ...

By Musang’s own admission, he gets silenced for breaking the rules of TOU. He implies he’s done this on multiple occasions. This would disqualify him as a candidate.

The devs monitor their moderators more than any other players. Everything from our correspondence to players in game to whom we give our KAW coffers to and why. Every silence is reviewed by support. Some silences and bans are actually done by support without mods knowing, but NEVER can a mod perform a silence or ban without support seeing it.

The amount of time and resources it takes to set up a mod’s account in their management system would prohibit the yearly turnover the OP is suggesting. Voting on mods is pointless. The devs own the game ... period. Not the players. We have the privilege of playing their game.

This thread has been answered and therefore will now be locked.
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