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Re: Make clans great again!

Postby XoXoX on Apr 14 2019, 10:58am

you make more friends jumping tho
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Re: Make clans great again!

Postby DoctorWhoodlum on Apr 14 2019, 3:29pm

-Rabblerouser- wrote:Wish Devs, or at least their pet Mods, would step into these deaf ass forums and give a little insight as to why they use the business model they do. Might make cash in the short term, but the bleed of loyal players will kill KaW overtime.

Why not at least experiment with events for a few rounds? Remove limitations on event item drops to incentivize (sp?) players to stay in one clan and still hit event milestones. People stick around longer because they make friends they enjoy playing with and talking to on a daily basis.
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Re: Make clans great again!

Postby SoH_FalconPwnU_SoH on Apr 19 2019, 8:19pm

I'm supporting this 100%
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Re: Make clans great again!

Postby Thin_Diesel_MaCHiNE on Apr 20 2019, 4:02am

Support. Miss the days when ppl grew and stayed in home clan. Clan loyalty overall in kaw is nowhere near what it used to be.
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Re: Make clans great again!

Postby IronOrchid on May 1 2019, 12:16pm

Been several threads on clan loyalty bonuses, clan events etc to make running a clan worthwhile again but haven’t seen any real response from devs or mods to speak of. Shame I’ll have to hop now, may make me put the game down for a while again.

Anyway bumping this as a last gasp attempt to get some dev focus on clans / no real expectation of action but hope dies last.
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Re: Make clans great again!

Postby IlIlIlNIAlHIMlAIHlKlAlHlNlIllI on May 2 2019, 4:29am

Kaw mechanics have been broken for years and there is no way to ever "re-balance" them. Read about inflation of currency in the real world and apply that to kaw and you will understand. The inflated dollar or in the kaw aspect gold, offsets the value of everything purchased with said gold. Kaw doesnt have a federal reserve of sorts to keep inflation in check. So the bottom line is blame the devs, they just kept printing money without rhyme or reason and destroyed the kaw economy. The devs need Alan Greenspan as a mod to fix their mess.
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Re: Make clans great again!

Postby Turtle on May 2 2019, 12:01pm

-Rabblerouser- wrote:Might make cash in the short term, but the bleed of loyal players will kill KaW

I would agree completely, but people have been saying that for years. And yet here the devs still are, making as much as ever.

They’ve managed to create a very inelastic player base demand. The <1% of players that will quit when they add some new premium eb are less than the increase in payments from the players that stay. ATA only needs one player to stay if the player spends a million a month (not a serious example, of course).
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