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Re: Apple Watch compatible

Postby __Speedos__ on Mar 19 2019, 1:47pm

Play less kaw and go enjoy real life more
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Re: Apple Watch compatible

Postby 13-LEtHaLAnGELWiCKEDGUaPO-31 on Mar 19 2019, 3:23pm

Lol says the 2bcs ^^
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Re: Apple Watch compatible

Postby StealthGoat on Mar 19 2019, 7:25pm

I don’t see it as a horrible idea. I’d use it if I had an Apple Watch. Won’t happen though :/
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Re: Apple Watch compatible

Postby Kasama on Mar 19 2019, 10:44pm

Wearable tech is closely linked with health and fitness. I don't think I've ever seen a gaming app besides Pokemon Go delve into the ​ app store.

Besides as a craze, wearable tech and ​ aren't getting crazy exposure.

KaW's next step in its evolutionary tree surely isn't wearable tech.

More actually honing their pvp, war and endgame systems or building on their ok communicative systems or something along those lines

edit:Why is S M A R T W A T C H censored?
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Re: Apple Watch compatible

Postby _____________MuSaNg______IDD__ on Mar 20 2019, 6:15am

Wait when apple holographic smart watch come out. Then kaw will be payable if still here
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