Time for clan towers /banks?

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Re: Time for clan towers /banks?

Postby XxXbatdogXxX on Feb 14 2019, 4:02pm

Honestly, clan towers sounds like a fun idea.

It could possibly bring back Pwars & Massively help in osws. Maybe expand on the idea a bit. (Sorry I didn't read the full idea but the idea caught my eyes)

Set it where you can give your clannies a Attack & Defense bonus (spy stats implied). Make it a full on war style theme. Again apologies if this was mentioned. I didn't read the entire threads contents. Just honestly sounds like a great gold sink & would definitely be a great addition to help with osw
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Re: Time for clan towers /banks?

Postby FROST on Feb 16 2019, 7:13am

Charms rule Towers Drool
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Re: Time for clan towers /banks?

Postby _Sinan_ on Feb 20 2019, 5:35am

Easiest solution of all. Nerf charms. Charms incentivize account sharing black market purchases. Good job devs.
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