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Re: what is game should be about!

Postby XxXbatdogXxX on Dec 20 2018, 10:20am

lIlIlIlILlIlIOlIlIWlIlIlIlI wrote:There is an easy fix for that:

Make plunder from hitting a player like at least 2-3x the plunder you get of tnk. Either by dropping eb plunder or by raising pvp plunder.

To avoid abuse with alts:

The more active the player you are hitting = the more plunder. Something like estocs edge but for defending player. And with higher percentage. Hitting inactive farms mustnt be worth it ofc.

Only 1 problem left: players wouldnt have to spend...

As pointed out, would make growing a paying players field only.

Lower PvE would kill free to play players, as huge players would make it near impossible between charm hoarding & ally hoarding.

Want more PvP? Simple offer a real incentive to PvP aspect to reflect the effort required to hit/maintain PvP goals.

If you take away from PvE, the fanbase will suffer as 90% will not give the full effort required to convert & maintain the ever changing PvP aspect.

I've said this 1000 times over, make Mith equip either A. Better stats then PvE equip (adjust accordingly) or B. Make it comparable BUT give it a % bonus twoards PvE & PvP plunder IF you collect the full set & max it. (Less then max = less % bonus).

Offering PvP only prizes for a set time, hurts players more then helps as large established players can easily dominate. However, doing the equip idea gives a use to mith & gives players a reason to do PvP.

Lastly, Technically PvE is still waging war against a monster ;). Your using your troops & spies to wage war against a monster & hope to defeat it before the time runs out.
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Re: what is game should be about!

Postby Rusted_Knight_of_Serenity on Dec 20 2018, 7:23pm

I tried for years to get them to turn this game into a war game again and they just blew me and everyone off.

They are too deep into the rabbit hole to make OSW really fun and engaging again. That and they really just don’t care as long as ebs are making money.
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