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Postby __Speedos__ on Nov 6 2018, 2:07pm

NAT1501 wrote:I think they do a good job
Only criticism I've got is lady refuses to rp with me

To be fair to lady, Welsh sheep rp is a fairly niche type of rp
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Postby FUNERAL-PYRE on Nov 6 2018, 5:50pm

They are a Great ... Very well managed Clan ... for Special Events ... Been there many times .,, Will not Hesitate to Return ..,
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Postby IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl on Nov 6 2018, 7:37pm

Never said they are bad or don't visit them. Just wanted to clarify visitors of what has happened in the past in that clan and how sealers were looted. Their admins were in top 10 every eb event without sealing or using crystal (since they are getting free pots every eb for max items and good plunder) which I felt is unfair to peeps who are spending alot in that same clan for same top 10 target.

Just want you guys to be aware when you visit them next time. You all will have to make sure their admins or owners are not free loading. I don't care whether you guys give admin pots or not just make sure they are sealing and getting pass like you all.
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Postby IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl on Nov 6 2018, 7:48pm

___LaDyAsHx___ wrote:
Aradus wrote:And this thread is a great example as to why the forums are dead compared to the past. Just butthurt players complaining 24/7...

Next event you are getting a free pass. Congratulations!!! I was a admin in that clan you noob I know what we were told about seals. I have many screenshot to put my case but it's not worth because dumb like you won't understand all this, they just want to oppose.

“I was a admin” - Shouldn’t have said that. Lol - So what you’re saying is... you used to free load like apparently every other admin? Go read walls you butthurt baby. My admins over-sealed big time this event because of promo and Lycoan running. All the regulars know it.
You’re just angry you apparently had a falling out with whoever and it’s showing. Maybe grow a set and take it to pm, or are you another one of SM’s little crybaby minions?
We always welcome complainers to our feeds. Perhaps you remember that as well. Man up. 

Yes I have free loaded in that clan because I was asked not to seal infact all admins were said the same. Why will I spend my money when I am getting a option of free ride?

I am not crying just bringing out what I have seen in that clan. I never questioned you or your admin for this event I am questioning you guys for the first charm event till September 2018. And I am really happy that your admins sealed this event atleast, even though it came after looting visitors for almost more than a year. I am really thankful to person who spoke against you all in your own clan cc regarding free loading.

Happy Kawing!!! KEEP SEALING or next time I am sure visitors who are afraid to speak right now, will speak up.
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Postby HT-xxllliiAJtheGREATiilllxx-HT on Nov 6 2018, 8:03pm

Great clan, well ran, admins work hard, I’m usually there every weekend and admin my wall is littered with old passes, admins seal and many times admins seal extra on the NK train they provide.
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Postby ISS_The_DirtyDugan_ISS on Nov 6 2018, 10:33pm

ISS_The_DirtyDugan_ISS wrote:Post screen shots or it never happened, and I’m pretty sure yelp! is that way...

Yes you are correct it never happened. Go burn your seals give them free pass free items and free top 10 rewards every event. Happy Kawing.

I only mention screenshots because YOU, brought them up...
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Postby Notme113 on Nov 7 2018, 3:28am

I've been to the clan a couple times, when I made top 10 a while back, and here and there if I was selling someone a seal. I've yet to have a bad experience with any of the people there. The whole point of the admins not having to seal however, I can see where it would cause some issues among the people there who are paying to be there. But with the amount of work they have to do and how well everything moves there, I feel like that in itself is enough for at least myself to justify it. I've seen the chaos that happens there every weekend, and I applaud the admins for being able to keep with it and stay organized.

But again, that's just me. They earned it, just in a different way.
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Postby SiRIllISiFuIIlILoNGllIIStR0Ke on Nov 7 2018, 6:17am

Thats it! The clan is run so well and the admins put in alot of hard work.
Im not saying they dont seal, but who runs a business without profit? Labor isnt free.
I for one am grateful for the well oiled machine this clan is. OP is just butthurt
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Postby Sams on Nov 7 2018, 7:51am

@op just request to close this post, u r making a fool of urself. the fact that u r using “newly” created alt to post imposes u r hiding. what have got to hide? if what u r claiming is true, come out of hiding n say so, that will carry more weight n people might listen to u.
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Postby NAT1501 on Nov 7 2018, 8:51am

One good thing has come from this post

Lady rps now but she's a little scary wanted wellies and alsorts
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